Top 3 Elementary Schools in the Orlando Area

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Top 3 Local Elementary Schools Across Orlando

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This month we discuss the various elementary schools that are across the area of Orlando. Since we are such a diverse city, there are many different areas of town that you could compare. And it can get overwhelming to really pay attention to that massive number of schools, so we will just focus on talking about the ones closer towards the center of town. We are looking at their reviews as well as any other info that has been published online in the past to make this judgement. If you think that there is another Orlando school that should be listed here, you can always reach out to us for help getting mentioned. Here are the top 3 Orlando elementary schools that we picked out.

Baldwin Park Elementary School - This school is located north-east from the center of town. They are over in the Baldwin Park area, which is a nicer spot with beautiful town homes and a tight-knit community. This school has a bunch more reviews than the other ones in town, and people are saying that they have incredible teachers there. This school is located over in: 1750 Common Way Rd, Orlando, FL 32814

Orange Center Elementary School - This school is the closest to the center of Orlando. If you check out the online reviews for this one, you will find that they had way less than the previously listed school. This elementary school has under 10 reviews on Google, and most of them are 5-stars from happy parents that thought their kids got a great experience from going here. They are located at: 621 S Texas Ave, Orlando, FL 32805

Blankner Elementary School - If you head over towards the south of downtown, you can reach Blankner Elementary School. This is right off of E Michigan St and they have really good reviews as well. The reviews were a bit short, so there is not much to discuss here other than the typical happy parent. This school is found at: 2500 S Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32806

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